As National Hispanic Heritage month starts to come to an end, I begin to reflect on my role within my community and of everything it’s taken to get where I am at today. Now, I’m not just speaking just career-wise, but what my own family had to undergo to get where we are at today. I was born and raised here in San Jose, California, and have always considered it a great privilege to live within such a beautiful culturally diverse city. It is something not to take for granted and during my upbringing my parents made an effort to show me the hardships they had to endure to get where I am at today.

A week shy of my son turning three months old I begin to contemplate into the future. I want to make sure he has the opportunities to experience the world as I have and to make sure he has all the tools made available to him to succeed even further. However, in order for him to have a shot at living within Silicon Valley, now one of the most expensive areas in America, we would need to undergo a paradigm shift. Just like many other cities throughout the United States there is a system in place that prevents many local children, from historically ethnic communities, from gaining proper access to opportunities that are taken for granted in more affluent areas. Many blue-collar families have become displaced due to increasing rent costs and have begun clustering into low-income areas, sometimes consisting of several different families living under one roof.