School days Growing up I was a very different child. I recall several class visits to public libraries nearby, while all the other children went on to choose age-appropriate books, I would be in the other side of the library in the occult section browsing through subjects from cryptozoology to paranormal phenomena. In third grade we, Read More

  Within the last few years an array of new research and data has begun to completely revolutionized the anthropological study of human migration into the Americas. My book, The Ancients: Investigations into the Lost Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, after only a few short years after its publication, has already reached a point, Read More

Day 1: Mist Trail to Vernal Falls and back down to Curry Village (around 4.5 miles total) Day 2: Housekeeping Camp to Four Mile Trailhead, up to Glacier Point and then back down to Housekeeping (12.2 miles total, elevation from Valley floor is 3,200 feet or 7,214 feet above sea level).