The Ancients: Investigations into the Lost Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis

The Ancients: Investigations into the Lost Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis

The Ancients: Investigations into the Lost Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis

…excellent and fascinating book…This book deserves to be widely read.”

–Emmy nominated and New York Times Best Seller writer/author Martin Olson


The book is based on ancient lost civilizations that once existed in prehistoric times. I have been researching this subject over a period of several years beginning in 2003 and have gathered a vast amount of research that compiled itself within a drawer in my desk. For a long time, I felt that I shouldn’t even possibly consider writing a book on the subject because people would not be able to understand. There being two current trends consisting of two extremes regarding the existence of these lost civilizations; the “New Age”-almost fanatical people on one side, and the academics on the other side. I felt that there was almost no middle (or objective) path in existence. Thus, I began going into some length to hopefully bring out a more objective point of view, using archaeological and anthropological findings along with legends and historical accounts which would have been otherwise dismissed. The research for this book took me through the Andes mountains and jungles of South America to the deserts of the Southwestern United States and as far north as Mount Shasta in northern California.

“Many previously published works on the individual subjects of Lemuria and Atlantis are outdated and lack current academic and scientific findings. The Ancients: Investigations into the Lost Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis presents an analysis of information along an established historical timeline. This new research interlaces the sequence of events with esoteric elements: concepts that challenge our conceptual view of human history. Using a historical perspective, the author examines ethnographical and early written accounts related to the myths and legends of Lemuria and Atlantis, in an anthropological and archaeological context. The historical context that is presented relies on established scientific theories and obscure esoteric perspectives with the aim of bringing into light new possibilities.

With a multi-cultural background consisting of American Indian and European-Spanish descent (or Mestizo), the author offers new perspectives related to stories of these mysterious and ancient civilizations.”

Much of the scientific evidence found attributing to these ancient people has been put aside by the scientific community. Vast amounts of archaeological anomalous findings, as one example, yield no real academic value in themselves. However, once analyzed under the historical scope along with ethnographical writings in existence the anomalous findings take on a new life of their own. Much of the previously written work covers either one of two perspectives; one of the rigid academic side, and on the other the new age community. The new age community has published many books of so-called ‘accounts’ based on unfounded evidence (e.g., dreams, visions, etc). The rigid academic side completely dismisses anything that does not meet the standard of our ‘pre-conceived’ historical timeline. In this way the book follows a ‘middle of the path’ approaching citing both academic and metaphysical publications.

Whether or not the reader chooses to believe or disbelieve the existence of these ancient people is irrelevant, each reader will take away something different. If the reader concludes that these ancient people did not exist, then the symbolic aspect is adhered to, thus becoming an archetypical parable from which to take away. If the reader accepts the existence of these ancients, then they can further their own point of view. From our very beginning, to the current situation we all face, it all becomes a lesson for humanity. Do we collectively continue on our path? Or, do we learn from the ancient tales and grab hold of a new dawn?