“Vi veri universum vivus vici”
(By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe)

Thanks for visiting my new blog!

The reason for this new format is due to the increased messages I’ve received since closing down my old propheticmystic.com website. Times were changing, and I felt that something new and better would be appropriate. I didn’t expect to start up a blog, however, people felt that a lot of the information I had posted prior helped them out. So in a roundabout way, I will be using this new platform to address traditions that exist on the outer fringes of society:lost civilizations, cultural mysteries, spiritual practices (namely curanderismo and western esotericism), ‘conspiracy theories’ and even music.

So please bare with me as I begin to edit.

Now sit back and enjoy the ride!

Fernando S. Gallegos