Lemurian Grove Studio started in 2004 as a cheap studio set up for my own personal use. However, local bands needed cheap places to record so I offered to record them using my cheap Radio Shack Microphone and a computer. More and more bands needed a cheap place to record and in turn I would offer my low cost services. With each band I recorded I would invest the money earned and buy more equipment. Slowly I started building up professional equipment and my skills for recording improved over the years. The end result is what you see today.

I currently work professionally within the media productions profession. I have years of experience setting up and operating for events, lectures, weddings, conventions, and presentations for various venues ranging from large-scale convention centers to small hotels.

Outside my career, on my spare time, I still continue doing what I love. I offer very low-cost services to people who can’t afford high end ‘professionals’. Likewise, I encourage active creativity on part of my clients to ensure a successful event. For larger-scale events I hire outside specialists to help assist in the production and success of the event.

Please don’t hesitate to email me for a quote today!


“It is always a pleasure to work with Fernando. He has a very positive and humorous personality that creates a very comforting environment to work in. He is very reliable and I’m sure it brings a piece of mind that tasks will be finished when he is involved.”



1.) Event-style Photography: Great for weddings, or quinceañeras.. 1-3 hour event or location, $350. And $65 for each additional hour. Smaller events, such as parties, are negotiable.

2.)Portraits, Engagement or Modeling style Photographs: Outdoor/natural-style photography. 1 hour, $160

*Chosen photos will be enhanced and edited. Additional costs may be applied to places outside of the South Bay Area.



Anything from music videos and weddings to corporate promo videos! The bigger the project the more I can utilize other technician specialists and equipment.

1.) Promotional Video Package: Great for real estate, interviews, businesses, and engagement videos footage! For 1-3 hours of segmented filming, edited down to 10 minutes, $500

2.) Deluxe Promotional Video Package: Same as the promotional video package, however, included is additional continuous-filming videographer, multi-perspective footage, and slider/timelapse footage. For 1-3 hours of segmented filming, edited down to 10-20 minutes, $1200

* All footage will be shot on DSLR rigs, except deluxe packages which additionally will include a professional non-DSLR camera and secondary technician/videographer.



I have been primarily recording metal, rock, surf, cumbia, folk, and punk bands since 2004. But, I am able to record just about any other genre!  I record out of my garage, but if need be, I may be able to travel to you. Lastly, if your band, presenter, or party needs a basic P.A. system (for a small gig/venue), I will mic and be the on-site tech throughout the event. Great for presentations, DJ’s, bands, and small/medium sized weddings! Need more sound for a larger event? Not a problem! Prices are negotiable.

1.) Recording Package (in studio only): For bands or musicians only! $30 each song (limited to about 2-3 hours’ worth of session time). After 3 hours, there will be an additional charge of $18 per hour. Music will be mixed down and mastered unless otherwise stated!

2.) Live-Audio Package: Great for bands, musicians or DJs! 2000-watt PA system setup, mics, and on-site technician, $150/hr (3 hour min).

3.) Lecture/presentation Package: Simple microphone setup and PA system with on-site technician, 1-3 hours, $500

4.) DJ Package: Looking for a quick DJ for your upcoming party??? Bring some life to the party with some Classic Rock, 80’s, 90’s, Cumbia, Metal, and Popular Hip Hop/Rap; $100/hr (3 hour min).

*All microphones are wired mics, for wireless kits there is an additional cost.

**I do not record live band performances email for more info..