Stranded in the Amazon & Final Thoughts…

South America, Part 8 (Finale): Stranded in the Amazon; After being stranded in the village of Santa Cruz we managed to hitch a ride out on the back of motorcycles. With our expedition gear and backpacks in tow we crossed through rivers, streams, and jungle…at night! The jungle at night is a beautiful place. Once we reached Salvación we jumped on a balsa raft and explored a little of the area around Machuwasi (an oxbow lake). I give my final thoughts on our incredible journey and enjoy our last days in Cusco as the sun sets over the snow-capped mountain.

Places featured:
Santa Cruz, Peru
Machuwasi, Peru
Salvación, Peru
Cusco, Peru

Special thanks to:
Fernando and Ruth of Ecomanu Expedition

Additional music by:
‘Ojos Azules’ (traditional) sung in Quechua by Jaime Salazar

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